Carbohydrate myths

food myths

When it comes to weight control, carbohydrates get a bad rap. In the past, fats were the bad boy, driven mostly by misinformation. However, the truth is in finding the right dietary balance; not indiscriminately excluding a key macronutrient.

The real problem with carbs is that we often don’t know what a portion should look like. So we eat way too much of it. If you’re not pairing carbs with fats or proteins, you probably won’t feel full.

Bread and pasta are not the enemy. Again, it’s the portions and the type of grains you pick that kill your weight-loss goals.


Pick a whole-grain option whenever possible, which has more fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Whole-wheat bread, brown rice, ancient grains like quinoa and bulgur are good options. At the store, choose bread with five grams of fiber per slice.

Get the right kind of carbs by cutting out processed goods, sugary drinks, sweets, and packaged / convenience foods from your diet; they’re all packed with empty carb calories. Starchy veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, corn, and lentils) and fresh fruit have more fiber.

Unless you have specific dietary requirements or allergies, carbs are a good source of fuel your body. Don’t throw them out; instead, focus on healthy carbs and a balanced diet.

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