Training and Rehabilitation of Neurological Disorders


Stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy are some of the Neurological issues that can benefit from Neurofunctional Physical therapy. Neurorehabilitation is focused on the restoration of movement with an emphasis on functional daily activities, such as personal hygiene, eating, getting dressed and mobility. The treatment plan is created to improve independent movements.

The patient’s abilities will be assessed using quantitative scales measuring muscle strength, reflex speeds, range of motion and gait. The results will give reliable information on the progress of the treatment.

The structural topography of any lesions will be studied to better explain to the patient how to improve their condition and manage any physical impairments.

The treatment will be provided in the privacy of the home of the patient and adapted to efficiently use the available space. Necessary equipment will be provided by the physical therapist. Using a personal gym or training room will also improve the treatment, if the patient has access to such facilities.

Treatments can be performed individually, in couples or even in small groups and can be offered as often as needed.

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