Any joint pain after COVID-19 infection? Why could that happen?

Hello everyone! It has been nearly a year since I last wrote a post! Time literally flies!

In the past year, I have basically focused 100% of my time on my PhD program. Now I have 3 more semesters left, which makes me thrilled to think that I am going to accomplish one of the biggest goals in my career, being a Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences with a large application in motor behavior and biomechanics.

However, I have been missing the interaction with my readers and patients, as I am not really using social media nor my blog for professional matters. So today, I officially resumed my school activities, got a brand new computer, and I feel recharged after a full month of holidays here in Europe! So let´s write a post!

Today I would like to talk about joint pain (arthralgia) after COVID-19 infection. I have been hearing from patients, friends and colleagues about this late side effect of this terrible viral infection, so I have done some research about the topic in order to bring the most up to date information for you.

The general answer for joint pain after COVID-19 is plain and simple: your immune system is hyperactive. And what that means?

After contracting the corona virus and/or taking the full vaccine scheme, the immune system is fighting a battle that seems endless. Doctors do not know why it is taking so long for our bodies to adapt and recover from the infection, so the cascade of events is as if we are still sick. The immune system is hyperactive because it understands that both the virus and the vaccine are strangers organisms inside the body, and it is literally putting an entire army of white cells into combat.

As a result, inflammation processes arise, and symptoms such as swelling joints, pain, and general discomfort can occur.

I, personally, did not get infected by the corona virus, however, I am fully vaccinated, and after taking my jabs, I absolutely felt drowsy and extremely tired. I did not add more activities into my routine, and still, I would feel exhausted after a regular day at work and school. I did experience some mild pain and discomfort on both knees, and I totally attributed that as a side effect of the vaccine. But the uncomfortable sensation vanished after 2 or 3 weeks after the jabs, and I carried on with my life and workout routines, although I see that many other people have not overcome those bad symptoms.

Apparently, joint pain will occur all day long, and there is nothing one can do to diminish the sensation. Cold therapy, heat therapy, ultrasound, laser and even deep immersion wouldn´t result positively… What did help a few people I know was to change daily habits in order to help your immune system to take a little break, which means, eating less processed food, avoiding sugar and alcohol, stop using drugs and unnecessary medications, as well as prioritizing a good night of sleep and performing daily workouts for at least 30 minutes.

Those change of habits will not trigger the immune system, and the GUT will do all the work to release the proper neurotransmitters for brain optimization and decrease stress levels. The simple and obvious consequence will be that your blood circulation will improve, so your cells will be nourished. Cortisol levels will decrease, so you won´t be stressed out. Brain fog won´t happen, so you will be able to focus and concentrate more on your daily tasks. The circadian rhythm will regulate, so you will have a proper night of sleep and wake up fresh in the next morning.

So is that the solution for my joint pain after COVID-19? Yes and no. By changing your daily habits, you will simply decelerate the cascade of events that your immune system is working on, so it will be less hyperactive. It is not medical advice nor a protocol to be followed. It is a tip from experience that helped other patients and friends to sooth their pain. And it worked!

Let me know how it works for you by dropping a comment bellow. COVID-19 reactions are still a mystery to the medical field, so collecting evidence is important to build common sense and develop pros and cons for a healthy life.

If you have any enquires or if you want help to change your daily habits, feel free to reach out to me at +1(602)6393726 or send an email to

Daily thought: “you will always benefit from a healthy body”.

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