Cardiac Training and Rehabilitation


Patients suffering from stroke, heart attack, heart disease, high cholesterol or hypertension can benefit from physical therapy and activity. Treatments utilize several established techniques that are proven to increase quality of life and lifespan.

Treatment is available in phases 3 and 4 of rehabilitation, after the patient has left the hospital or after the patient has received medical consultation. The patient should have information from a medical professional indicating safe physical activities and/or a list of activities to avoid.

The rehabilitation process starts by first analyzing all of the exams of the patient, after which, an exercise plan based on the needs and capabilities of the patient will be created. It is also imperative that the patient clearly indicate any other medical conditions, including surgeries, catheters, stents or transplants. Each session is 1 hour of supervised exercise, with a physical therapist assisting, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment.

Creating and modifying a personalized physical rehabilitation plan is extremely important throughout the progression of the treatment.

The initial goal of a personalized physical rehabilitation plan is to reduce resting heart rate, blood pressure, glycemic index, cholesterol and the breathing rate of the patient.

The ultimate goal is to reestablish normal body functions, improve the quality of life and to avoid any further cardiac failure.

All treatment plans are based on scientific research and use the training protocols suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine.

The treatment will be provided in the privacy of the home of the patient and adapted to efficiently use the available space. Necessary equipment will be provided by the physical therapist. Using personal gym or training room will also improve the treatment, if the patient has access to such facilities.

Sessions can be offered individually, as couples or small groups and as often as needed.

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