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Foam Rolling, is it For Me?

If you have been to a physiotherapy clinic in the last few years, then you have almost certainly witnessed, or felt first hand, the technique of foam rolling. Foam rolling is a popular technique that releases tight muscles and mobilizes the network of connective … Continue reading

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The lazy person’s way to fitness

We’ve all been there: Often we’re busy, but sometimes we’re just plain lazy. In this post we look at how you can get exercise and make fitness a part of your life, even with Netflix calling. Please share this post … Continue reading

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Isometric, Concentric and Eccentric muscle contractions: What’s the difference?

Muscle contraction is simply muscles doing work. So what’s with all these complicated terms? Isometric contraction is what happens when you lift and hold a heavy weight steady. Your muscles bulge, but nothing’s moving. Concentric contractions are movements where you … Continue reading

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