Physical Training for the Elderly

Believe and you can achieve!

Physical rehabilitation for the elderly is focused around five areas:

-building strength

-regaining flexibility/range of movement

-improving balance/coordination

-improving memory and attention

-increasing lifespan of the patient


Common ailments of the elderly, such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, herniated discs, muscle weakness and balance/coordination issues can be improved through physical rehabilitation.

Regular physical activity will also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure to further improve the quality of life. During the successful participation of the treatment plan, patients will find more energy and willingness to perform day-to-day tasks which will encourage a more healthy and lively lifestyle.

A specific, personalized treatment plan will be created for each patient.

After several years of experience working with elderly patients, these treatments are developed from modern techniques that focus on walking training, postural training, strength training and hydrotherapy using aerobics, resistance training or Pilates specially adapted for the elderly. Techniques of attention and focus are used in the sessions aiming improvement of self-awareness. Balance and coordination training are present in all sessions and will be taught to be performed as homework. Adaptations in the house can be oriented, guided and performed to improve quality of life at home.

Within weeks, previous patients have transitioned from partial immobility to walking unassisted.

The sessions are private, fully customized and can be performed both individually or as a couple. Activities can be performed both in the patient’s home or in the personal training rooms/gyms and as often as needed.

As a courtesy to our patients, and with the objective to introduce new activities in the daily routine, we have created a notebook with exercises for improvement of memory, fine motor coordination, focus and attention that can be performed anytime and further discussed with the therapist.

We provide all materials and equipments, bringing them to the comfort of your house.

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