Interference fields & the healing of chronic illness

Interference fields can be roadblocks to healing. Once identified and removed, the body can self-regulate and heal.

Imagine the body as a beautiful city lit up at night. Street lights sparkle for miles and buildings glow against the dark sky. But on closer inspection, there is a dark spot amongst the bright lights, a strange anomaly that disrupts the picturesque view. This is what an interference field is like in the city of lights of our autonomic nervous system: a disruption in the pathway of nerves that speaks to the brain and keeps our systems running smoothly.

Interference fields can be scars, focal infections, tonsils, silver fillings, and root canals as some primary examples. It is an area of previous trauma that is disrupting information that another part of the body desperately needs. These bodily traumas are not fresh and are easy to overlook as they are usually not painful and, especially in the case of fillings, often completely forgotten.

Interference fields can be the key to alleviating a chronic problem in another seemingly unconnected part of the body. Let’s go through how interference fields work, how to find them and the neural therapy that can change lives.

What it is:

If the autonomic nervous system is how messages traverse the body, then the extracellular matrix is how hormones, nutrients and waste products get from one place to another within the body. Interference fields can disrupt the messages from the autonomic nervous system and accumulate toxins from the extracellular matrix. Chronic conditions arise from the disruption of information and the bioaccumulation of toxins from interference fields.

Routine examinations and bloodwork rarely diagnose the true cause of these chronic conditions. Sometimes these conditions get labeled as psychosomatic and cause patients emotional distress along with the bodily chronic ramifications of the condition.

Where it is:

Interference fields can be anywhere in the body and do not always have an easily discernible connection to the chronic conditions they create. These scars, dental issues and other places of former trauma can be abundant on the body and can represent multiple interference fields. Organs can also be a site for infection and the accumulation of toxins. These interference areas silently and chronically disturb unrelated parts of the body.

When working with patients and taking a history, special attention should be paid to areas of previous injury that leave scars, concussions, surgery sites, and dental work. These areas are usually asymptomatic and give no outward signal at all to the patient.

I Hate My Scar: Options for Reducing Scars

Dental work in particular can be a silent site of interference

Mercury amalgam fillings leak toxins into the extracellular matrix and cause long-term damage. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that can make up as much as 50 percent of an amalgam filling. While most dentists have been moving away from mercury amalgam fillings, most adults have these fillings quietly building up toxins in the body.

Root canals are another area that can present as an interference field or focal infection. A root canal is a dental procedure intended to remove all nerves connected to a tooth; however, it often leaves the area open for infection, even when sealed off with a crown.

Wisdom teeth, and particularly the cavitation they create, can be linked to a number of disorders and serve as a common interference field. Because of their placement in the mouth, wisdom teeth can be difficult to properly care for and even treat. They can become impacted into the jawbone, causing pain along with inviting infection and interference. Especially once they are removed, the empty cavity can serve as a hotbed for infection.

Of course, the intimate connection between dental health and the overall well being of the body has long been known. So, there can be obvious foci of infection from impacted teeth and faulty dental work. But less obvious can be the tonsils, which are a part of the lymphatic system and should be given careful consideration. Patients with mercury amalgam fillings or other dental issues should be referred to a doctor that specializes in biological dentistry. More harm than good can come from removing these if not done properly.


International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology:

The Huneke Phenomenon

In 1940, German doctor Ferdinand Huneke had treated a woman with chronic shoulder pain by injecting local anesthetic in and around the painfully frozen right shoulder with no success. In fact, this woman’s pain had gone on so long and been so intense that other doctors had removed her tonsils and most of her teeth in an effort to find the focal spot of the infection. She returned to Dr. Huneke one more time when she was experiencing pain in an old surgical scar on her left shin. Dr. Huneke injected the scar with a local anesthetic to alleviate her pain and she felt immediate relief in her right shoulder.

“This experience was so startling that I could have no doubt that I was looking at a fundamentally new pieceof knowledge and that I was on the track of a hitherto unknown law in the field of focal processes.”

— Dr. Ferdinand Huneke (Williams, Louisa, Radical Medicine, p.277)

How to treat:

NEURAL THERAPY originated in Germany in the early 1900s. In neural therapy a local anesthetic is injected into the disturbed area interrupting the abnormal neural signals coming from the interference field. The injection improves polarity of cell membranes
and as the electrical polarity improves more nutrients enter and toxins leave the interference field. This allows the body to self-regulate and heal as lymphatic flow and circulation in the tissue improve.

Injecting with compounded, preservative- free Procaine breaks down scar tissue and resets electrical messages going through the autonomic nervous system. Neural therapy also helps the flow of the extracellular matrix and to “un- crinkle” fascial membranes.

SCAR THERAPY is a good place to begin with patients, injecting directly into the scar or the tissue surrounding it.

SEGMENTAL THERAPY allows practitioners to reach organs through injections into connective tissue that represent segmental patterns around major organs. This increases blood flow and helps flush out toxins and brings nutrients to the organ.

Massage with oils and creams can be used as a home remedy for patients with needle aversions or for scars in particularly personal areas, such as episiotomy scars. Home remedies also allow patients to observe and regulate the emotions that come with relieving chronic conditions.

Interference Fields and Emotions

A patient’s journey often has involved a series of doctors that could not find the genesis of his or her chronic condition and labeled it as “all in your head.” As interference fields are found and dealt with, a variety of emotions may accompany this treatment. It is not unusual for a patient to suddenly start sobbing as the neural therapy takes effect. Even for patients who don’t have serious chronic conditions, interference fields can hold emotions around the cause of the scar itself and changing the electrical messages can release emotions and improve overall well being.



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