Adaptation in the kitchen for Elderly and Handicaps

By reflecting about the logic that cooking is an habit, and that this habit can be hard for elderlies and handicaps, the German Designer Dirk Biotto developed a completely adapted kitchen that attends to the needs of those populations. Check it out!




Entitled ChopChop, the modern kitchen has adjustable legs for different heights, as well as the distribution of the utensils. Therefore, either a handicap in the well chair or an elderly with limitations in their movements can access all the utensils, manipulate objects and use the sink.

In the sink, an extensible hose allows to use water from different distances.


There is also a clamp close to the faucet that facilitates to open glass jars, cans and bottles. By developing the clamp, the German Designer thought about handicaps amputees, who cannot use both limbs to perform tasks in the daily basis.

For those ones who face difficulties in holding the food and also cutting them, there is an apparatus that keep fruits and vegetables stable to be cut, as well as a grinder for cheese and other foods held with screws on the table, facilitating the manipulation of objects with only one hand.




The German project of the accessible kitchen is still a prototype, but we look forward to seeing it for sale!

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