What does your poop tell you about your health?



Separate hard lumps, like nutsscreen-shot-2017-02-23-at-8-48-56-pm

You are lacking fibre and fluids. Drink more water and chomp on some fruits and vegetables.

Sausage shaped, smooth and soft


Optimal poop! You are doing fine.

Watery, no solid pieces, all liquid

You are having diarrhea! This is probably caused by some sort of infectiscreen-shot-2017-02-23-at-8-56-57-pmon and diarrhea is your body cleaning it out. Make sure you drink lots of liquids to replace the liquids lost otherwise you might find yourself dehydrated.

Sausage-shaped, but lumpy


Not as serious as separate hard lumps, but you need to load up on fluids and fibre.

Soft blobs with clear-cut edgesscreen-shot-2017-02-23-at-9-37-44-pm

Not too bad.Pretty normal if you are pooping multiple times a day.

Sausage-shaped but with cracks in the surface

This is normal, but the cracks mean you could still up your intake of water.


Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool

You are on the edge of normal. This type of poop is on its way to become diarrhea.


Soft and sticks to the side of the toilet bowl

Presence of too much oil, which could mean that your body is not absorbing fats properly. Diseases like chronic pancreatitis prevent your body from properly absorbing fat.







Brown: You are fine. Poop is naturally brown due to bile produced in your liver.



Yellow: Greasy, foul-smelling yellow poop indicates excess fat, which could be due to a malabsorption disorder like celiac disease.



Green: Food may be moving through your large intestine too quickly. You could have eaten lots of green leafy veggies or green food colouring.











Black: It could mean that you are bleeding internally due to ulcer or cancer. Some vitamins containing iron or bismuth subsalycilate could cause black poop too. Pay attention if it is sticky, and see a doctor if you are worried.


Light-coloured, white, or clay-coloured: If it is not what you are normally seeing, it could mean a bile duct obstruction. Some medicine could cause this too.                         See a doctor.               


Blood-stained or Red: Blood in your poop could be a symptom of cancer. Always see a doctor right away if you find blood in your stool.





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