New Morning Pilates Routines! Variation 2

Try a simple morning exercise plan that you can do in your home, at the gym or out in a park. These are fun, low impact routines that don’t require any special equipment. This is a great way to supercharge your metabolism and increase circulation for the rest of the day creating a healthier lifestyle.

pilates in the morning

  •  The position above allows you to work on the upper limb, especially the shoulders and the wrists, to support your weight. It is also possible to work on the abs if you keep those muscles contracted during the exercise. Pay attention to your core. Keep the position for 30 seconds.

pilates in the morning

  •  The position above can be performed in 2 different ways, with or without the ball. The aim of this position is to stretch the muscles in your abs and also increase flexibility in the lower back area. If you do not have a ball, you can use your arms as a support, and extend the elbows to improve lower back extension. Keep the position for 30 seconds, and go back to the start position slowly.

  • This complementary position is for your core after performing the previous exercise. Bring your arms up, beside your head. Take a focus breathing through your nose, and breath out touching the low back against the mat. Repeat this action 10x, slowly.


  • In this position, you will work predominantly in the abs. The height of the legs can vary according to your flexibility and strength in those muscles. Keep the position for 30 seconds and repeat it 5x.

You will heal faster and feel better! Be aware of how your body is changing for the better with all of your efforts.

Believe in the process!! Try any of these simple and fun variations in the mornings before you start your day. Doing this 3-4 times a week will give you noticeable improvements in your quality of life.

Remember we can combine these exercises with 8 minute Pilates Morning Routine Variation 1 for a more complete workout.


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